Giacomo Passera

was born in Turin, where he graduated in Architecture. To further expand his studies and continue his interests he moved to Paris.
In a short time his renown as Interior Designer went beyond French and European borders and he was called to operate also in the United States, Canada, Russia, China, Switzerland and in the Principality of Monaco, where he is currently residing.


His activity began as Interior Designer in the refurnishment of important mansions in Paris and all over the French territory.

He completed some projects in Italy as well, where he was initially called by one of the most important Italian families, and he completed different projects on houses, apartments, hotels and shops, including one of Valentino’s boutiques.
In this period he created his first collection of limited edition furniture, that is distributed only in the most exclusive shops of Paris. He also met Pierre Cardin, thus establishing a long-lasting collaboration. In 1976 he designed a line of furniture for Pierre Cardin that is sold all over the world. Some pieces of the collection were used to furnish the Maxim’s Residence’s suites. His talent makes it possible for him to be successfully creative in the different areas of design. And it is in France that Passera began to design porcelain collections (Porcelain de Paris, the Saint Petersburg line for the company Residence Paris), and upholstery fabric lines (Nobilis, Beauvillé, Deschemaker, Rubelli, Bises and other companies). He also created handbags and luggage collections for Vinci, and jewels for Maxart.

Principality of Monaco

He worked as Interior Design for important projects in Monte Carlo, where he resides. Chosen by the company SBM to restructure the world’s famous Hotel de Paris, he created some new reception’s rooms upon direct commission of HRH the Princess Grace of Monaco. Marisa Del Re, renowned owner of an art gallery in New York, entrusted him the project of her gallery. Giacomo Passera refurnished various important private properties on the French Riviera (Beaulieu, Nice, St. Tropez, Jean Cap Ferrat) He also refurnished luxury hotels in Italy, like the Hotel Mediterranée in San Remo and the Turin Palace in Turin..


The inauguration, in 1978, of the first show-room for his line of furniture in New York marked the beginning of his important activity in the US: interior design, international consultancies and design for various American companies. The show-room of the famous A&D Building on Third Avenue displayed the furniture collection, very innovative in terms of the materials used, that represented a great success of Italian design in New York, recognized by US press and television. The collection was distributed in the most important American cities (Miami, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Chicago, Dallas). The duplex at the Olympic Tower, apartments in Fifth Avenue, the Hotel Plaza Athénee in New York, a mansion in Maine’s State, one in Las Vegas and various apartments in Miami constitute the bulk of his activity in the US. Upon request of Hilltex of New York, he also created a line of fabrics for clothing.


In 1994 he was invited by the government of the People’s Republic of China to represent Italian design. From the North to the South of China, from Harbin in Manchuria to Beijing, from Canton to Xiamen he was officially received by the government representatives of every city.Together with three Italian fashion designers he presented in an original way the collection of his fabrics for decoration and upholstery, under the form of Oriental and Venetian inspired costumes. The event was screened live by the Chinese television network and it had an audience of millions of viewers. Hi was proposed projects for the restructuring of hotels and residential areas. Moreover, representatives of the textile industry asked for his artistic collaboration.


Upon request of Pierre Cardin he collaborated to the design of a new large shopping centre, commissioned by President Gorbachev, in the buildings previously dedicated to the Olympic Games in Moscow.


Distribution of his American line of furniture in the city of Montreal. He designed the line and the interiors of offshore boats and yachts for the shipyard Creation Marine in Trois Rivieres. Presently, his creative and working interests are concentrated in Asia, in particular in the island of Bali, where he is working on the design of the new Sea Sentosa residential centre and in Jakarta, where he is working on the design of the interiors and the gardens of a complex of six towers. .